Glacial Acetic Acid

Short Description:

Purity: 99%min
Formula: CH3COOH
CAS NO.: 64-19-7
UN NO.:2789
EINECS: 200-580-7
Formula weight: 60.05
Density: 1.05
Packing: 20kg/drum,25kg/drum, 30kg/drum,220kg/drum, IBC 1050kg, ISO TANK

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Quality specification(GB/T 1628-2008)

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Super Grade

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Clear and free of suspended matter





 Assay  %




 Moisture  %




 Formic Acid  %




 acetaldehyde  %




Evaporation Residue %




Iron(Fe)  %




Permanganate Time min




Physicochemical properties:
1. Colorless liquid and irritating dour.
2. Melting point 16.6 ℃; boiling point 117.9℃; Flash point : 39 ℃.
3. Solubility  water, ethanol, benzene and ethyl ether immiscible, insoluble in carbon disulphide.

1. Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse.
2. Keep away from the fire, heat. The cold season should maintain a temperature higher than 16 DEG C, to prevent solidification. During cold season, temperature should be maintained above 16 DEG C to prevent/avoid solidification.
3. Keep the container sealed. Should be separated from the oxidant and alkali. Mixing should be avoided by all means.
4. Use explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities.
5. Mechanical equipment and tools that prohibit the use of easy to produce sparks.
6. Storage areas should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and suitable housing materials.


1.Derivative:Mainly used in synthetising acetic anhydride,acetic ether,PTA, VAC/PVA,CA,ethenone,chloroacetic acid,etc
2.Pharmaceutical:Acetic acid as solvent and pharmaceuticalraw materials, mainly used for production of penicilin G potas-sium, penicilin G sodium, penicillin procaine, acetanilide,sulfadiazine, and sulfamethoxazole isoxazole, norfloxacin,ciprofloxacin, acetyl salicylic acid, non phenacetin, prednisone,caffeine, etc.
3.Intermediate:acetate ,sodium hydrogen di,peracetic acid,etc
4.Dyestuff and textile printing and dyeing:Mainly used inproducing disperse dyes and vat dyes,and textile printing anddyeing processing
5. Synthesis ammonia: In the form of cuprammonia acetate,used in refining syngas to remove a litl CO and CO2
6. Photograph: Developer
7. Natural rubber: Coagulant
8. Construction industry: Preventing concrete from frezing9. In addtin also widely used in the water treatment, syntheticfiber, pesticides, plastics, leather, paint, metal processing andrubber industry

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