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1. Basic information
Molecular formula: H3PO4
Content: Industrial-grade phosphoric acid (85%, 75%) Food-grade phosphoric acid (85%, 75%)
Molecular weight: 98
CAS NO: 7664-38-2
Production capacity: 10,000 tons/year
Packaging: 35Kg plastic barrels, 300Kg plastic barrels, ton barrels
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3. Use
agriculture: Phosphoric acid is an important raw material for the production of phosphate fertilizers (superphosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc.) ) raw materials.
Industry: Phosphoric acid is an important chemical raw material, and its main functions are as follows:
1. Treat the metal surface and form an insoluble phosphate film on the metal surface to protect the metal from corrosion.
2. Mixed with nitric acid as a chemical polishing agent to improve the smoothness of the metal surface.
3. Phosphate esters, raw materials for the production of detergents and pesticides.
4. Raw materials for the production of phosphorus-containing flame retardants
Food: Phosphoric acid is one of the food additives. It is used in food as a sour agent and yeast nutrient. Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid. Phosphate is also an important food additive and can be used as a nutritional enhancer.

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