Potassium Formate75%

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Formula: HCOOK
CAS NO.: 590-29-4
EINECS: 209-677-9
Formula weight: 84.11570
Density: 1.56
Packing: IBC 1200kg, ISO TANK

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Colorless transparent liquid

Assay% ,           ≥


KOH(-OH),% ,    ≥


K2CO3(-CO3),%,  ≤


KCL(CL),% , ≤


Physicochemical properties:
1. Colorless transparent liquid
2. Melting point (℃): 165-168
3. Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether
1. As an excellent drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oilfield industry.
2. In the snow melting agent industry, the acetic acid smell in the air is too strong after the snow melting of the additive acetate and it causes a certain degree of corrosion on the ground, etc., and is eliminated. Potassium formate not only has good snow melting performance but also overcomes the acetic acid All the drawbacks of salt are praised by the public and environmental personnel;
3. In the leather industry, used as camouflage acid in the chromium tanning method;
4. Used as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry;
5. It can also be used as an early-strength agent for cement slurry, as well as in industries such as mining, electroplating and foliage fertilizer for crops.
1. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The storage temperature should not exceed 37°C.
2. It should be stored separately from oxidants and edible chemicals and avoid mixed storage.
3. Keep the container sealed. Keep away from fire and heat sources.
4. The warehouse must be equipped with lightning protection equipment and the exhaust system shall be equipped with a grounding device to conduct static electricity.
5. Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation settings.
6. It is prohibited to use equipment and tools that are prone to sparks.
7. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.

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